"tonight i sat down after the worst ive been in a while, and i told myself that im gonna make a game that i can be proud of until i like myself again": The Game

This is an incredibly personal project, and it was done from about midnight to 7 am on February 15th. Just as a warning, the beginning is pretty dark and graphic, and the text in general is generally upsetting. It is me venting everything I've felt for the past who knows how long, so its messy.

The game basically explains itself, to play you just fly to the flowers to get the next segment of vent text (all of which was written at the start of the night). You can also pause the text by pressing P if you just want to play with the flowers, and use 9( and )0 to navigate the text as you wish.

It takes 110 flowers before you finish the entirety of the reading, but you can keep playing past that for as long as you want. Have fun being a bee!

Made with gamemaker, paint.net, and musescore, the title font is from http://www.fontspace.com/rainismysunshine/iamthecrayonmaster

(ps i feel a lot better now, and i am proud of myself, and i'm going to be ok now.)

Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsbee, Casual, nature
Average sessionA few minutes

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